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SharkVent CVS 87-88    (Click Here for more Info and Pictures)

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928 Specialists SharkVent Crankcase Ventilation System for 87-88 928 S4

Technology developed for our SharkCharger Twin Screw Supercharger Kits now available for all 928s.

The stock 928 breather system routes crankcase oil vapors through the intake so that it is burned in the combustion chambers.
Our New SharkVent System completely eliminates any oil vapors going back into the intake.

Some of the benefits of preventing the oil from entering the intake of your 928 are:

 Reduced oil consumption.
More power and better fuel economy.
Reduced tendency to knock or ping.
Cleaner intake tract, ports, valves, and combustion chambers.

 The complete SharkVent kit, based around the proven Mann-Hummel ProVent Air/Oil Separator, features: 

Bolt-on, simple installation,
Self contained, no messy catch can to worry about.
Separated oil drained to oil pan via custom oil Pan Adapter.
Integrated check valve in oil return eliminates crankcase back pressure through the SharkVent.
Adapters to cap or plug original vent ports.
Separated Clean Air exits into a Breather Filter.
Optional connection to the factory air pump:
 (increases crankcase vacuum, evacuates separated air through exhaust system)


The 928 Specialists SharkVent System is available in 2 versions:
(See illustrative graphics below)

 Standard SharkVent:

Requires no physical modifications to your 928.
Uses the original factory cam cover and oil filler neck crankcase vent ports.
Recommended for stock or mildly modified 928s.

 SharkVent X (Xtreme):

Additional 1" Oil Filler Neck Port for increased crankcase breathing.
Requires drilling a 1" hole in the oil filler neck.
Includes Custom Aluminum 1" Elbow with 5/8" Port added for the Cam Cover Vents.
Recommended for highly modified and/or Race 928s.


Customer Testimonials:

93 GTS 5-speed : "Last month I installed Dave's SharkVent system. After just 300+ miles, smoking is completly gone, no oil/soot accumulation on the bumper cap, oil consumption seems to be down. This mod should be the first step every GTS owner or 928 owner with excessive smoking should take! The kit is exceptionally well designed, fit is damn near perfect, and it works! Everything else is a half assed attempt to accomplish the same thing. My hats off to Dave Roberts for this fix."

90 928 S4 6.4 liter Stroker:  "I installed this about a week ago and have put almost 700 miles on my car has eliminated my oil ingestation issues. If I accellerated agressively in a repeated fashion, I could burn a quart of oil in 200 miles. In the 700 miles since installing the sharkvent, I have added NO OIL. None.... Nada..... Prior to the SharkVent I could induce a batman style smoke screen at will... pull hard in 1st thru 3rd, let off, and then get on it again in 4th.... not anymore.... THANKS DR~! "


Our SharkVent System includes a custom Mounting Bracket for the Provent, Custom Oil Pan Adapter, all hoses, adapters, fittings, and hardware needed.


click here for more details and pictures of the SharkVent System



Photo Product SKU Price Order
Standard Version 928SP.SV.CVS.8788 $449.00
Xtreme Version 928SP.SV.CVS.8788.X $469.00
Modified Hose Assembly for Cylinder 5-8 Cam Cover Vent (Front) 928SP.SV.CVS.8788.GTS.VENT $10.00
Modified Hose Assembly for Cylinder 5-8 Cam Cover Vents(Front & Rear) 928SP.SV.CVS.8788.GTS.VENTS.2 $20.00

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