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Project Nine - Cam Cover Breather Fittings (OE Replacement)

PROJECT NINE Cam Cover Breather Fittings for 87-95 928 S4/GT/GTS


These newly designed fittings are a direct replacement for your stock fittings! No modifications to your cam covers are required!

The fittings flow better than the stock fittings and feature an integrated oil air separator which will reduce engine oil consumption.

Cam Cover removal is required for installation. New Cam Cover gaskets, spark plug seals, and bolt pressure seals are HIGHLY recommended.

This collection of fittings is machined from 6061 with stainless steel hardware. The breather fittings are anodized in satin clear.

Blanking plugs for the left-side cover are available in either satin clear anodizing or bright black anodizing if you want to replace the OEM plastic parts with ones that will seal better but look similar to stock.

All the breather fittings have been designed with the largest possible bore to reduce crankcase gas velocity. Unlike the OE fittings, there are no internal restrictions.

All fittings can be installed in either the left or right position, there is no “handedness.” Sealing of the breathers is improved by adding a second seal on the face between the valve cover and the baffle nut.

The baffle nut has more open cross-sectional area than the port itself, but adequately shrouds the inlet and resists any vacuum scavenging via multiple openings.

Ordering information:

The “kits” below are for both Cam Covers in a stock configuration. Choose either S4/GT or GTS depending on your application.

Since the blanking plugs are available in both clear satin and bright black anodized, select the blanking plugs in your color choice.

There are two options available for the recommended seal kit: one side or both sides.
Or taking your chances on having to open her back up again (this option is NOT recommended).

There is also a selection for a single item “a la carte” for custom applications – or if you are only doing part of one or both sides.

S4/GT kit includes:
2: P9-OC06 Breather Elbows
2: P9-OC08 Blanking Plugs

GTS kit includes:
3: P9-OC06 Breather Elbows
1: P9-OC08 Blanking Plugs

The recommended seal kit includes:
2: Cam Cover Gaskets
8: Spark Plug seal
26: Cam Cover Bolt Pressure Seals
(Or half of this if you select the single side.)

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928 Specialists is proud to announce the addition of the "PROJECT NINE" line of parts!

New products being added weekly!

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