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Project Nine - 5-Speed "Short Shifter" 85-95

PROJECT NINE 5-Speed Short Shifter for 85-95 928 S3/S4/GT/GTS

The P9-MS05 is a short shift lever for the 1985-1995 Porsche 928. It has a reduced throw and reduced knob height which has been set to the optimum ratio for the stock front link and standard height central arm rest.

The lever is machined from 6061 aluminum and satin anodized. High-tolerance press-fit Igus Z-series bushings** are installed for a lubrication-free lifetime of shifting.
(Other aftermarket shifters do not include any bushings and take the thin factory split bushing.)

Installation replaces all factory hardware, and new stainless retaining clips are included. 1mm shims (not required for all installs) are also included to reduce lateral play in some factory shifter links.

**NOTE: the Igus bushings are maintenance free and require clean, grease-free pins prior to installation. Use brake part cleaner or other solvent on a rag to thoroughly clean the pivot pins on shifter links prior to installation.

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928 Specialists is proud to announce the addition of the "PROJECT NINE" line of parts!

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 Your 928 Wish List

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