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Fuel Pump "Check-Valve" Installation

Reference Photos

FuelPan.jpg (11375 bytes)
photo 1 - Pump/Filter* Access Panel
Fuelprt.jpg (17482 bytes)

photo 2 - Pump/Filter* Components

*Note: Filter location 80-up only

Fuel Pump "Check-Valve"

Part # 893.906.093


Let your 928 sit overnight or at least 8 hours or so. Instead of trying to start the car as you
normally would, turn the key so you engage the starter for just a second and turn the key back off (do not let the car even try to start), do this 3 or 4 times in a row. Then try to start it like you normally would, if it starts OK at this point then it is most likely the fuel pump check valve.

Basically what you are doing with this procedure is "cycling" the fuel pump (the pump runs for a few seconds every time you engage the starter) to build up fuel pressure in the system.

Note: If you listen carefully every time you do the starter engagement as described above you should hear the fuel pump run for a second.

Replacement Procedure

Disconnect Battery Ground strap located behind tool panel (drivers side of the middle)


Remove 2 10mm head nuts at top of Fuel Pump/Filter "Access Panel" (located on the middle rear side of fuel tank) and "un-tuck" the access cover from the bottom rear of the fuel tank .

Gently "Pinch" rubber fuel line between pump and fuel tank (use vise grips with an old rubber hose as "insulator")

Disconnect 2 wires to fuel pump

Remove 19mm "Cap Nut" from "rigid" hose on pressure side (passenger side) of fuel pump. Catch escaping fuel in suitable container.

Loosen fuel pump retaining strap ("worm" clamp)

Slide pump towards drivers side to enable access to the check valve which is screwed into the pressure side of the fuel pump. Unscrew check valve (17mm) while holding "hexagon" part of the fuel pump with a narrow (machined) 17mm open end wrench.

Installation is reverse.

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